Club penguin famous penguins/ spotted!

Club penguin famous penguin is as you know, or sth like that, it has an owner called Gator360, his last update was at October, but i found him on club penguin, HE EVENED BUDDIED ME!!! 🙂 but sth strange, if he is on club penguin, y doesnt he update this site any more?
Here is some suggestions:
He doesn’t want to go to this website anymore
He forgot this password on wordpress, he might forgot his email pass as well
Somebody hacked him
He got deleted by another Administrator (If there is)
And this is very rude, if you don’t click rude stuff DONT click HERE If you like rude stuff and u would like to read it then click HERE
Anyway, here is the picture of him!

If you have other suggestions of what happened to Gator360 Click
HERE and comment!
Waddle on ~Joshshicool~


7 Responses

  1. hey, im doing wwhat you told me to do, now blogroll me when you can

  2. Gator 360 is also my buddy!!

  3. im back and i saw a comment about billy bob on anather site i
    really saw him really

  4. About Gator360 is the name Gator360 or Gator 360? Please answer my question.

  5. H i!!!!!?

  6. i know a beta you may of herd of him his name is Goophy76530 if you meet him he will add you
    im his owner hes a beta and got all rare items hes is as rare a billybob!!!!!! no joke!!!!!

  7. uaername:pancakeater2
    have it but no banning

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