Club Penguin new pin, new catalog secrets AND A SUPER SECRET! and sorry

Ok, sorry about posting late and not posting about the newspaper, i went to Melbourne, i decided not to tell u that cause my friend is gonna post for me, but he didn’t 😦 thats just too bad
Ok, when i logged in i saw lots of room with those strange boxes, it is for the puffle party on 20th! here is a random picture of a box in cp
And the new stage catalog is out! Press on the Red ball for the Red Viking Helmet, also if u open and close for 4 times it won’t show u the Blue viking helmet!
Also, here is a cool secret, if you throw a snowball in the Stage, it will become a Red ball!
The new pin is at the mine………
And the puffle catalog is out, press on the puffle shadow (i think) for the Grey house! pufflepartyprepare4


2 Responses

  1. Join The NACP, My new Club Penguin Army. To join click here.

  2. gay gay gay gay gay

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