Rockhopper comes 1 step closer and rockhopper news!

Hello! Today i looked through the telescope and i found out Rockhopper got 1 step closer, i wonder when he is gonna come? Well i think that its tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! Ok if you want to see rockhopper go to the beacon when u go to the top of the lighthouse! Then press on the telescope, here is the picture
And rockhopper is gonna bring is gonna bring back a rare item it said, so i think it is the lighthouse T-shirt or the black boot, i think i’m wrong, i was just guessing! Here is what the Club penguin team said
Hello Penguins!

Our old friend Rockhopper’s been spotted in the telescope and he’ll be docking here soon! I’m sure he’ll bring surprises with him, so while he’s here be sure to check out the Captain’s Quarters in the Migrator for some rare items — and his Treasure Hunt game.
Let us know what you love about Rockhopper!

In Other News: So many of you are talking about seeing white puffles around Club Penguin – I’d love to hear about what happened if you think you’ve seen one.
Thats all from me, ~Joshshicool~


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  1. cool i love rockhopper he always has cool free items

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