St. Pactricks Party Update!

Hey Penguins, Gasnier 11 here back and posting. There has been a BIG miss up. I nearly bannned both of my penguin’s. I have been having soccer training. Anyway Clubpenguin Blog has told us a bit about the St Pactricks Party. Here is what they said:

Hello Penguins!


Starting Friday, the tradition of the Club Penguin St. Patrick’s Day Party continues! We hope you’ll join in the green celebrations this weekend!!


st patty.jpg



There will be lots of surprises and things to do all over the island, including the end of rainbow to find. Members will even be able to visit a Leprechaun House to join a big party! How are you and your friends planning to get into the spirit of green for the party?


Anyway tell me what you think by commenting! 😀

~Gasnier 11/Socceroos 90


2 Responses

  1. gas u betrayed ur own site 😦 im bored now. i visit different sites now that urs went

    JOSHSHICOOL: Its also part of my site

  2. n

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