Club penguin stage cheat plus Construstion site

Hello, the club penguin play is under construction!!!! If you go inside the stage u will see woods and stuff, preparing the the penguins awards, also, if you go outside the stage, U will see a ladder, that my stage cheat!! 😀 you can climb up the ladder~
And thats all from me, also if you want to know the St patricks day free items click HERE to view it!

4 Responses

  1. Hey,

    I am salty and i work for if you could visit that awesome Site Once a day that would be insanely Awesome!

    Also If You Commented Everyday You Could Win Penguin Of The Month And Win Lots Of Prizes Such As, Coin Codes, Rare Penguins, Be On My Blogroll And Lots Lots More!

    Thank-You And Have A Terrific Day!


  2. Cool post! Everyone visit my site!

  3. heya, Im having a party tomorrow. come to my site for the invitation.
    hope to see you there

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