Club penguin’s penguin award cheats and items

Hello, the penguin awards play finnaly came out, here are the cheats
Go to the plaza and vote! For the best play, this is wat i voted for
I went to the member account, u can get the Items free from the backstage, if u go to the exit on at the stage
And this is what the stage looks like
Thats all from me!


11 Responses

  1. it is fack and dont lisin to it

  2. I wanted to become a member but ya. So love it that u put up some screen shots. i really felt like i was there.

  3. JOE it’s true

  4. its awesome plz ernter

  5. how do u make theese web sites

  6. Hi

  7. beware gary the gadget guy is inveting a machine to eat the migrator destroy club penguin and poo on my head

  8. Uhhh…there r like no cheats here plus this is a lame site no offense

  9. ‘Yo Did you meet aunt artic?” I DID!

  10. my pass is carla

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