Club penguin 100% gary tracker!

Here is the gary tracker below: lefT YETI AT 3:23 PM pst CLICK TO REFRESH
Hope it helped!


31 Responses

  1. The gary tracker is 1% accurate! It doesn’t work! Straw000’s website is better(and accurate). let me know when ur tracker works

  2. YOU BIG FAT LIER!!!!!!!!!!

  3. YOU BIG FAT LIER!!!!!!!!!!

  4. darn yeti is full

  5. Does not work. Non of the trackers work. ;(

  6. yes alot of the trackers work i have found cadence and aunt artuic

  7. me too but i found cadence wayyyyyy back at the party
    and i found her 23 times lol and aunt arctic 21 times rofl
    i wat gary and penguin band!!-

  8. ops typo want

  9. oops typo again oops

  10. Man,yetis full.


  12. WOW thanks he is on yeti!!!! u rock

  13. it doesent work

  14. Candi what website???

  15. where r they

  16. rerdef

  17. have not tried

  18. i finally found candence and gary i have found all except rockhopper

  19. this stinkz i found aa 12 times candence 32 times i need pb and g this stinks

  20. ive found aunt arctic 42 times penguin band 76 candec 102 times and gary 17 times rockhopper 378 times lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol people may say im lieing but im not all you FUCKING BITCHES

  21. I am sorry but this does not work. I have tried hundreds of times and it doesnt work! I would know because they are my friends and this is wrong. but i can tell you that right now Aunt Arctic is on Abomobile. Thank you for trying though! 🙂

  22. umm….i dont go on trackers. i go on the chat places and ask ppl. one time i did and i found cp band!!! but,thnx anyway

  23. Great job on the website! But,I am on Yukon! But,I am going on Yeti at 3:23 tonight! Keep up the awesome work! I hope to meet you on Yeti!

  24. Dude, Gary is a nerd!

  25. well were is the tracker?!?!

  26. iam going to be in deep snow at 8:00 pm and PEASE STOP DOING CHEATS

  27. you should all leav this website alone because if you hav something nasty to say you shoud not say it atoll and you should not be nasty ova the enternet so ……….. i think it is bvad but the siute is relly good 🙂

    thanx !
    georgia tbone

  28. hi , im am going to be on snow shoe at 10 :30 am today and thanx

    gary ….?
    hope i see you there bye bye .

  29. hi ppl this web is cool


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