Club penguin super working good Aunt Arctic tracker

After HOURS and HOURs of working to work and try to get a good tracker site, in the end i couldnt find 1, well at last i found a animation site and then i decided to make this animation as a tracker, i will update the tracker when ever i come on
thank you


9 Responses

  1. sigh plz aunt arctic let me find u!!

  2. Hey, I still havent found Aunt Arctic or ANYONE! I’ve got nonbodys autograph! I’m dying to have atleast one! What should I do?

  3. DOESSSSSSENT WORK THAT GOOD PUT A NEW TRACKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It would work better is you was online stupid!

  5. It would work better if you were online.

  6. Wha?!Ash isn’t my name and I don’t have a e mail!That was me just now saying
    It would work better if you were online.

  7. hey leave me a friend request plz

  8. Never will be so Tommorrow is Halloween Happy Halloween Everyone i am exited to chat to see of aunt arctic s online i met Gary The Gadget Guy! so of you wanna chat with me on cp Heres my Username Joshuahannah k get it? add me on cp or toontown of you dont have it Download it ok? Username to toontown is Funky ok? Bye! well one more thing my Brother Is Mean.

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