Club penguin member badges update

Hello, club penguin team has done a club penguin badge update, this is what they said:
Hello Penguins!

In January, some of you may remember that the member badge was added. Since then, you’ve given us great ideas about how they could be updated and how they could be used in different ways! A lot of you tell us that you’re proud to be a member, so the team’s been busy working on an update to the badge to reflect the amount of months you’ve signed up for as a member.

There are five different badges in total, each one displaying a range of months:



MEANS 18-24 MONTH!!!


Means 24+ or 24 month or more!!
Thats all!


8 Responses

  1. AWSOME i didn’t know i had 12-18 months left i thought i had like 4 months

  2. u spelled finally wrong, just telling u and theres an s after months

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  4. Hello I became a Ninja last week andi bought the Ninja Suit and i became invisible!! WWWOOOOOOOT!

  5. This guy runs a great website. My name is Kaypoke and I would like to meet all. I usally be on Fjord and Wool stock. See ya there!

  6. hey where i cab download iut? please tell me but its cool sad im not a member where i can download it?

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