Club penguin new typing font and guess what? GOOD NEWS! and new pin

Hello everyone, GOOD NEWS GOOD NEWS, now everyone is able to go to the Stage because club penguin said in their newest post: this is what they said!
Hello Penguins!

We’ve been hearing from many of you about the Penguin Play Awards – how awesome you think the Backstage is and how cool it’s been to meet some of your favorite penguin characters like Aunt Arctic and Cadence. The team really loves all the feedback you give.
We’ve also heard that you’d like to enjoy the Stage with more friends, so I’m excited to let you know that starting tomorrow, everyone will be able to check out what’s going on in the Stage!

Everyone will be able to enter the Stage but the VIP backstage area where you can pick up your award and hang out with special guests will remain exclusive for members. For those of you planning to go to the Penguin Play Awards this weekend, I just heard there might be surprise visits from MORE special guests in the Backstage!!

We can’t wait to hear what you think.
And second news is when you go in club penguin, and u write something, bold and new letters started to come out!
Thats all by the way the new pin is at the lodge attic


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  1. Cool Blog josh 😆

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