Club penguin more games upgrades!

If you go to the Ski lodge, u can see that there is something weird there that is not been seen before!
And if you click on the space inside the blue circle i did, here comes a catalog!
And tell you what, if you go to the dock and cove, the paper will be there as well but the only difference if that it have different items!
Thats all from me


7 Responses

  1. i cant find the penguin band i cant find frankey g billy petey k or stopenbob

  2. club penguin give away all you have to do to get this club penguin username Nbwp1 is go to you tube and tipe in NCS5000 and coment and subscribe my video of club penguin.

  3. Um how do I get to meet Aunt Artic and any “other” websites to get cheats from if there is write it down please P.S please pst 🙂

  4. 😦 will it pst

  5. i hade found the cp band no wores

  6. […] Go here to read the rest:  Club penguin more games upgrades! […]

  7. you dead ive unlock all the books on clubpenguin

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