Club penguin new books codes online!

Hello, did you know that there are new books on club penguin if you go to unlock codes online? i am try ing to find to find the codes, thank you, i will post it if i find 1 thx also if you have find any plz tell me!
By the way the book codes name are The Inventor’s Apprentice and Secret agent handbook!


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  1. Yo people there are new book on club penguins online unlock items.
    i cant get any of those codes if anybody fines them plz plzzzzzzz email me at or post it here plzzzz.
    Thank you:)(:

  2. i want to have a code

  3. hurry up plz i really want the item

  4. since this is sharing website i think you should not email the codes just post them

  5. please

  6. I have a code: Page 5, or 6 in Agent Handbook: decides

  7. well i know some but i forgot sorry

  8. plz i need the new codes

  9. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed a code

  10. need a code plz

  11. Aight peeps here is some codes F.W.I srry i forgot book names GL! HF! but i still have one book name the rest is confusing some might not work for book your using it on. Dont write the periods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Page 9- Sometimes.
    Page 35- Misses.
    Page 38- Scavenger.
    Page 40- Examples.
    Page 62- Picture.
    Page 63- How.
    Page 64- Fishing.
    Page 65- Storage.
    Page 71- Seats.
    Page 71- Musical.
    Page 73- Search.
    Page 75- Tossing.
    Page 77- Buying.
    Page 101- Donated.
    Page 117- Jerseys.
    Page 118- Squads.
    Page 140- Breeze.
    Page 141- Combined.
    Page 143- Secret.
    Page 154- Arena.
    Page 155- Queen.
    Page 156- Small.
    Page 169- Start.
    Page 171- Annual.
    Page 175- Crown.
    Page 176- Item.
    Page 179- Penguins.
    Page 182- Actions.
    Rockhoppper stowaway codes:

    Page 6- Mysterious.
    Page 7- Rockhopper.
    Page 21- Migrator.
    Page 25- Yarr.
    Page 40- Waterfall.
    Page 52- Deck.
    Page 80- Penguin.
    Page 177- Puffle.
    Yeah Yeah, I know im awesome arent I? but dont email me any THX!!! or SWEET DUDE! its soooooo annoying!!!

    By the way the person named ?????? his comment is true! ONLY POST CODES! NO QUESTIONS SO SHUT UP WITH LAME STORY’s! ONLY GIVE ANSWERS AND CODES!!!!!

  12. i just checked my codes btw IM RICH!!!!! And my name on CP is Funjet Yw!

  13. I’m sorry about that message didnt finish im not writing ANY MORE codes thats all i got and some of the codes give umm… abouut 2000$ and a item, others give 1000 or 500 (1000 gives WAY WAY less items then 500) they give you tons of furniture. 1500 coins give u that and a book! (If u didnt have it…No book)

    P.S. i got about 20,000 dollars from these i tested 1 give me 5000$!!!

  14. If u want to find more answers Go on LiveSearch and search Book Codes for club penguin with book title

  15. i
    ineed t
    ineed the
    ineed the c
    ineed the co
    ineed the cod
    ineed the code
    i need the codes
    i need the codes n
    i need the codes no
    i need the codes now

  16. its all nothing

  17. At “Toys R Us” I found a code for trading cards. it was TCG2-RW35-8TYM-SX20. I found another one! 1CJ9-OP82-HY64-IQ7M. that one was 4 the treasure book

  18. im a blak belt. I have 162 power cards.

  19. Since I’m getting to old for club penguin, I’m giving away my password thats a member. User: 32498 dev password: cp5000llluuukkkeee!!!

  20. page 25 book rockhopper code yarr

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