600,000 Hits Invite!

Hey Guys, Since I said we are going to have this party a long time ago… Well the time has come. 🙂

Here is the invite:


If you can’t read it, Here is what is it says:

Server: Parka

When: 30th October, 2:00 PM (PST)

Where: Cove (Moving Around)

Why: 600,000 Hits

Hope you guys can come! I will be Gasnier 11!

-Gasnier 11-


4 Responses

  1. hi this is kinda cool but i really like cp because it gives a chance for us kids to have some safe fun.i really don’t want a mean reply so please be kind to me!

  2. hay guys it’s demi! how r you guys? i like seeing my fans so i’ll be at chirstmas on sunday at 2:00 to around 3:00 hope to see ya there! i love u ppl!

    Demi L

  3. He can I be on your blogroll? Comment on my site if I can be and i’ll put you on mine:


  4. Party was kinda cool

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