Joshshicool wants you! [Important]

Hello Penguins, Long time since the last post on this blog. A very long time! This blog hasn’t been updated with the latest Club Penguin news for a few months and I can’t let this blog go to waste. This blog has got over 1,000,000 views! I want you Club Penguin Fanatics to post on this blog and it is so simple to get added to this blog! Just fill out the information below and send it in as a comment.

1. Do you play Club Penguin?

2. How often do you play Club Penguin?

3. Have you had a wordpress blog before?

4. Will you post at least 3-5 times a week?


Just answer those questions and leave your e-mail and penguin name in the comment. If you have any other information about you that you want to add, Don’t be afraid to put it in the comment.

-Gasnier 11


One Response

  1. HEY WILL!! WOW im very happy you got a nice blog i really am anxious to work on a famous blog like this could i? This is epic toon ill answer the questions

    2.Not very much.. but that could change if you add me to this blog
    3. yup you seen my tt one i got a planet cazmo one and mort got hacked AGAIN i cant get it back this time 😦
    4.Sure will

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