Mort160000 Is In The House + Updates!!

Hey Everybody, I am Mort! (Did you know Mort means death in French?, Don’t worry i won’t hurt a fly!) Its a great opportunity to be working here.. This site is famous But this blog has been inactive for quite a while, But i got one question for you guys, Is Anybody out there?? If lots of people are well Whoopie.. More parties, give aways and much more!!

Now lets get down to business there are updates in Club Penguin. To my surprise today when i logged in, it was raining on club penguin, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!! There should be lightning to but this is cool!! There is also a new Furniture catalog For November-December. Check it out!!

Remember Comment Saying If You Still Read This Blog, If Lots of People Do And We Reach 1,100,000 Views PARTY TIME!!



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