Mission 4 Walkthrough

Talk to G.

Go to the Gadget Room.

In the Gadget room turn left until you reach the life preserver shooter.

Pick it up and put it into your inventory.

Go to the Ski Village.

Pick up the white fur beside the lift on the way because you will need it later.

Now go into the Ski Lodge.

Turn to the right.

Pick up the fishing rod thats near the Ice fishing game door.

Put the fishing rod with the life preserver shooter.

Go to the Sports Shop.

Go to the right.

Click the belt the light green winking penguin midel figure is wearing.

Now go to the lighthouse.

Pick up the rope thats on the boat.

Put the rope with your newly made fishing rod life preserver shooter thing.

It all combines to form a penguin rescuer equipment.

Go to the Beacon.

Get the spanner from your Spy phone.

Unscrew the telescope from the railing.

Put the telescope in one of your inventory slots.

Now go to Sports shop again.

Now to back to G. or professor Gary’s room.

Put the telescope on the tripod near near a window in Gary’s Room.

Click on the telescope.

Memorize the paths that lead to the penguins.

Go to the Ski Mountain.

Now go down to Ridge Run.

Go down the paths that you saw while watching in the telescope. Go down the right paths until you reach a broken fence.

Click the Penguin Rescuer on the hole in the fence.

Brake the branch over to the right with the tube.

First pick up the penguin on the tree.

Now pick up the penguin on the left.

Put a penguin back on the tree.

The tree is bent, so now you can get to the penguin under the tree.

Pick up the penguin you left on the tree.

Put all the penguins that u have now (which should be 3) on the ledge with the rock on it.

With all the penguins on the ledge with the rock, and they will push it over.

The rock will fall on the penguin sled who is stuck in it. It will set him free.

Now pick up all three of the penguins that were on the ledge.

Now pick up the last penguin.

Now that your done, head on back to Ski Village.

Talk to the crying brown penguin.

Put the belt from your inventory on the lift.

The crying brown penguin is now happy you did that.

Go to the Ski Mountain.

Talk to G. once up there.

Give him the white fur that you have collected.

Get the medal and the Handy penguins award, read the letter (you wont be able to take it because it will self-destruct.)

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