Mission 6 walkthrough


Talk to G. He will turn on the Crab Translator 3000.

The crab brakes the machine and escapes.

The crap will bring you to the Ski Hill. Follow him off the edge.

You land in the wilderness again. Follow the crab to the cave to in mission 2.

Go towards the tree stump and you will see the puffle from mission 2 also.

Turn to the left and go towards the big log.

Use the scissors from your spy phone to cut the rope, to get the bag of berries.

Now go to the tree stump and give the black puffle an O’Berry.

Go back to the cave now and throw a berry in the small door that looks like a pet door.

Go in after the puffle unlocks the door.

After that you will fall into a trap putting you in a cage.

The polar bear will now appear and you have to listen to his long boring story.

When the polar finally leaves, turn right unitil you reach the cage lift.

Put a O’berry on the lever on 1 of the pipes. The puffle will jump on and pull the lever, and the water will start to flow.

Put an O’berry on the left side of the chute. Then the puffle will jump on top of the chute, making the water flow the other way.

Now put a O’berry on the scales. The puffle will now pull the scales down, now the wall will go up, and the water will turn the waterwheel which makes the cage go up!!

Go to the left and pick up the anchor and rope lying on one of the boards on the wall.

Put them together to make a climbing tool (used for climbing of course).

Go to the left until you see a desk. Put the hot sauce and G’s electro magnet 3000 blueprints in your inventory.

Go to the door and open it. Snow will fall from the roof.

Put hot sauce on a berry and give it to the black puffle.

The black puffle will blaze the snow leaving a path for you.

Get back to the cliff and use the climbing tool you made to get back to the Ski Hill.

First head towards the Ski Lodge.

Now you need to go to Pizza parlor, order a seaweed pizza.

Then go back to the Ski Lodge and open the Ice fishing door. The polar bear is out there.

Give him the pizza.

While his back is turned, click the lever on the machine.

When he turns back to his machine, he’ll start it.

It will go backwards and pushes him and the crab across the lake.

G. pops up. Talk to him.

You will now get a phone call from the polar bear.

Talk to G. again and give him the blueprints.

Check out the black puffle still soaring across the sky.

Get the medal and the electromagnet 3000 blueprints

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