Mission 7 walkthrough


Talk to G. and watch the secret footage.

Go over to the door into the Gadget room and click the invention cabinet to the left of the door.

The access word is “key”. Use your code translator in the corner to help.

Take the mini Electromagnet 3000 and go to the iceburg.

Turn to your left and use the magnet to attract the ice with a spring in it.

Go to the Gadget room in the HQ and put the Ice on the conveyor belt in the Test Chamber.

Pull the red lever to bring the ice into the Test Chamber.

Click the fire button to melt the ice, then pull the red lever again to take the spring out.

Go to the Snow Forts and put the spring in the clocktower.

Next, go to the Town and take a poster of the main gear from that penguin you helped in mission 3.

Go to the pizza parlor and take the music script thats on the ground beside the piano.

Go to the stage and click on the piano. Put in the music script on the piano and play the tune correctly to make the yellow happy.

Give the puffle the picture of the main gear. Now go to the Beach and take the green bucket from beside the guy in the chair.
Go to the Snow Forts and fill the bucket up with snow (it has to be snow forts).

Go back to the yellow puffle at the stage and give him the snow. He will make a snow gear.

Take the snow gear to the Gadget room and put it in the Test Chamber like the ice, but this time press the [snow] button.

The snow will get so cold, it will turn into ice.

Now put the ice gear in the clock tower too.

Now go to the Dock and ask the two penguins for the target back.

They will challenge you to a game that is quite tricky. You have to hit the target 3 times, but you have a limited amount of snowballs.

Take the target when you win go to the gadget room.

Take the lifepreserver off the shelf. (its next to the thingamajig 3003 btw)

Go back to the Dock and give the guys the lifepreserver as a replacement target.

Go to the Snow Forts and put the target on the Clocktower.

Rory will talk to you. Then you will get a phone call from Herbert.

G. will come after your done talking to Herbert. Talk to G.

Get the medal and the Blue Team Pennant, after your done with your mission.

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