Where the next pin will be hidden on club penguin!

Ok, i found out that where the next pin is gonna be, but
it might happen, but i don’t think so, ok go to the newspaper
go to the 2nd page of tour of the Lodge thing
Move your mouse over to the fun facts
It says what the Attic can carry pins
Here is the picture!

Waddle on ~joshshicool~


Club penguin Mission 10 Update and how to get the Gingerbread igloo

OK there is an new messenge on the HQ board, here is the picture!
Ok, there is two igloo cheats in the igloo catalog, here is one of them,
the Gingerbread igloo, here is how to do it, press on 4 word candy on
one of the candy igloo pages, and there is the Gingerbread igloo!
Here is the pictures

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~

Club penguin Mission 10!!!

Ok, club penguin mission ten is gonna be out, here is the proof

It’s gonna be out on 29th of December


New server, Merry xmas and new logging in screen!

on club penguin there is a new logging in!!, Here is a picture
And i think there is some new servers, here is the picture

and merry xmas people! hope you enjoy christmas!

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~

Hello, i am back!

hi people i am back! I just saw lots of changes in Club penguin! Thats awesome, i just found the pin is at the boiler room, i missed a few items but nevermind! I was suprised what mission 9 isn’t out yet i thought it should be out now, i just saying my penguin is 376days old now, i have no time for pictures but i have to go to an computer exam in 20minutes and that place is quite far away, ok bye!

~Joshshicool~ 😉

Bye bye for now

hi ppl, i don’t have time to post about the P-Mail and Catalog, because it is holidays here, my mum deleted my internet wireless so i can’t go on the internet during the holiday, the reason for that is i am not getting homeworks completed, so if you want me to add you to author or editor just say the thing and i will add you in 10days time
ok i am posting this from highland park library and the library is about to close so thats why im rushing



Almost 100,000 hits and Fireworks

Hi, I know this is a short post but i am almost 100,000 hits! I am not having a party because i just had one for my birthday!

And there is fireworks at Mountain and Iceberg

And i want to ask a question, how long doesn’t it takes to make a youtube vid?
Because it tooked 1 hour yesterday and it still doen’t work because i have to go off