Who wants to find ROCKHOPPER??????

Today i went to one of my buddy’s server (Thermal) And i spotted Rockhopper! here is the picture!, i swear!rockhopper1432523

Waddle on ~Joshshicool 🙂


I forgot about something! and new room coming out?

Ok, 2 days ago i posted that i was a ninja but i forgot about the catalog here’s all the thing you can buy, but it is member only for everything


Ninja Outfit: 1000Coins frog1236

Dojo igloo: 5000 coinsfrog1237

Rice paper wall screen:500 coinsfrog1238

Stone Latern 575 coinsfrog1239

And Hand Gong 400 coinsfrog1240

And when i went to the HQ (Secret Agent Only) I saw a blank screen, it might be a new room coming soon!frog1234

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~ 🙂

Crazy log in, pin, stage and other stuff

Ok this is a bit weird, when i go to my Joshshicool account it says “Loading Joshshicool” At it never comes out, when i try my other account (Count457) It works!!!!! Ok then i have to take pictures from count457 then!
New pin- Beach is the Snow tile pinchickrn12

And at the stage it is different because it just changed, the new play is called “Fairy Fables” as the same, the background is the only thing that non- member can buychicken231chicken3451

And in the newspaper there is a Igloo contest!!!! I think it should be member only

Ok Waddle on ~Joshshicool~ 🙂

Weird penguins

Hi this is a bit weird because when i go to a portugal server ALMOST every penguin’s name is named after penguin even i am named after penguin! if you don’t believe me look!


Waddle on ~Joshshicool~

YAH!!!!!!!!! I’m a ninja!!!! i where to get in the secret room!

Hi I’m a ninja now and you get in the secret room from the dojo courtyard! He’s a pic

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~ 🙂

I SAW MIMO777! and other stuff

OK I AM NOT LYING!!!!! I saw mimo777 on the portugalense server called Inverno i tried to buddy him but he won’t reply sorry no pic because i forgot to make the pictures
In other news I am at black belt now and about 2 weeks ago i saw a group of bots of being crazy!!!!!! Here is the pictures (I’m named penguin because i;m in a portugal server)dad


waddle on ~Joshshicool~ 🙂

Hello, i am back!

hi people i am back! I just saw lots of changes in Club penguin! Thats awesome, i just found the pin is at the boiler room, i missed a few items but nevermind! I was suprised what mission 9 isn’t out yet i thought it should be out now, i just saying my penguin is 376days old now, i have no time for pictures but i have to go to an computer exam in 20minutes and that place is quite far away, ok bye!

~Joshshicool~ 😉