Bye Bye everyone for now…..

Hi people, i think this is my last post before i go to Australia on Tuesday, I will come back about 1 and half week later, If this is possible can people that work on my site do the posts like newspaper or new stuff that has been happening…… bye bye for now!

Joshshicool 😯 😉


Vital Viper spotted!!!

Hi! today i spotted Vital Viper at Frozen (he’s gone now) Here is a picture of him!

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~ :mrgreen:

Rockhopper key is finnaly here!

Hi! Rockhopper’s key is finnaly here after problem last night……… the key is at the book room when you read Rockhopper’s Journal when you open up the Red Book, go to the end of Rockhopper’s Journal book and you will get it! (It is a pin)

Also there is a new room called Crow’s nest at the Migrator Ship!

And here is the pirate’s headquarter! Click to enlarge

And there is a new game at Pirate’s Headquarter! If you don’t know how to play click on how to play!

And 1 sneek peak of the game!

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~