Mission 2 walkthrough

here it is below!

Talk to G. and ask him for your next mission.

The answer to the riddle is “mogul”.

Put G’s new sled in your inventory.

Go to the Ski Mountain.

You will see a sign that says “Test run”. Click the sled from your inventory and ride down the test run.

You have to crash.

Pick up the string behind the snow clump then move to the right.

Pick up the survival guide. (You don’t really need to read it.)

Go towards the bush and there will be berries on it.

Pick up 3 berries. To save space put all the berries in the same inventory spot.

Now, shake the tree to the right about 3 times. WALA!! A pot will fall out of the tree.

Next, go towards the cut down tree’s stump.

Click on one of the puffles, once you have done that the black puffle should be the only one left.

Feed the black puffle a O’Berry. It will turn into a ball of flying fire (it only lasts a few seconds). Now he will follow you around for the rest of the mission.

Go to the left, then go towards the log and the brush.

Pick up the ski. Put it on the same place as the string. It will come a fishing rod.

Put a berry with the fishing rod for bait.

Go the right and go back to the tree stump.

Now go to the right and go towards the cave.

After that, go to the left towards the river.

Use the pot and fill it up with water.

Use the baited fishing rod to catch a fish in the river.

Now go to the right and pick up the piece of wood.

Go Back to the cave. Now you need to click on the bushes so they’ll move out the way of the cave’s entrance.

Enter the cave and click on one of the rocks.

Go to the new fireplace that you have then put the piece of wood on it from your inventory.

Now, get your survival guid out and click it with the piece of wood and it will automatically rip up.

Now feed the puffle a O’Berry again. You should see that now it has lit up the shreads and piece of wood to make a fire.

Cook the fish that you have caught and eat it.

Boil the pot of water (that helps get rid of germs and other harmful things). Drink the water. Your penguin will now all of a sudden fall asleep.

You will wake up soon because of a noise outside the cave.

Go outside of the cave and talk to the agent on a jet pack. He will now take you to the Sports Shop.

Now, talk to G.

Collect the medal and everything else after the mission is done.

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