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Hello, i am back!

hi people i am back! I just saw lots of changes in Club penguin! Thats awesome, i just found the pin is at the boiler room, i missed a few items but nevermind! I was suprised what mission 9 isn’t out yet i thought it should be out now, i just saying my penguin is 376days old now, i have no time for pictures but i have to go to an computer exam in 20minutes and that place is quite far away, ok bye!

~Joshshicool~ 😉

Bye bye for now

hi ppl, i don’t have time to post about the P-Mail and Catalog, because it is holidays here, my mum deleted my internet wireless so i can’t go on the internet during the holiday, the reason for that is i am not getting homeworks completed, so if you want me to add you to author or editor just say the thing and i will add you in 10days time
ok i am posting this from highland park library and the library is about to close so thats why im rushing



Almost 100,000 hits and Fireworks

Hi, I know this is a short post but i am almost 100,000 hits! I am not having a party because i just had one for my birthday!

And there is fireworks at Mountain and Iceberg

And i want to ask a question, how long doesn’t it takes to make a youtube vid?
Because it tooked 1 hour yesterday and it still doen’t work because i have to go off

Rockhopper is back!

Sorry, i would care about the catalog because i don’t have time

Well Rockhopper is back and you can get the stuffed parrot (from last year i was here at that time) and you can still get into Rockhopper headquarters

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~

New mission 8 and Rockhopper is nearly back

Hi, the new mission is out here is the Video from Mike 92

And 3 picture i took (Rockhopper is back you can see him from the binocular at the beacon

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~


sorry djcnyv and purpalooloo as well, someone deleted them, i will put you back on again! 😉

And the party is over because no one came and i was late sorry too!